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Bathroom Refurbishment Wimbledon

Bathroom Refurbishment Project in Wimbledon

One of the major renovations that every homeowner will eventually have to deal with is a full bathroom makeover. A recent example of a job completed by the skilled technicians at My Plumber is the Wimbledon bathroom renovation we completed for a customer. It takes skill to completely redesign a bathroom’s layout. Usually, it requires a lot of work and several days. Either attempt to do it yourself or contact a qualified fitter.

But as a homeowner, you ought to know exactly what you want to happen in both situations.

Continue reading if you’re thinking about taking on this kind of remodelling project. The skilled technicians at My Plumber walk readers through the daily process of a full bathroom renovation in this post.

This post is intended for everyone who:

  • possess a dated shower room in need of complete renovation;
  • observed that the shower room requires minor or major repairs;
  • Enjoy doing some home renovations.

Day 1 – Organize and remove old furniture

Many people are unaware of what to anticipate from renovations to bathrooms. It takes a lot of physical labour, and for a painful while, your bathroom will look like a war zone. Having guests over while the process is ongoing would not be ideal. But don’t worry if you have excellent organisation, you can handle this demanding project with ease.

Initially, these are two images of the bathroom taken prior to the remodelling:

Know what you want

You will save a tonne of time if you plan your project ahead of time. The fitter can work much more efficiently if they are aware of your precise preferences. This is your chance to design a bathroom that will serve you well for the ensuing ten years. Thus, give it a lot of thought.

When it comes to this initial organising step, the Internet is your best friend. Keep images of the bathroom designs that most appeal to you. On your computer, make a mood board and add images of your favourite interior design elements. the paste/copy technique. This doesn’t require you to be a designer. Look for ideas on websites such as Pinterest, Houzz, and Ideal Home. This is an illustration of a mood board.

You’ll soon discover which style most appeals to you. It might be contemporary or traditional. You could go with your preferred colour schemes. It also simplifies the process of selecting the best design elements to add to your newly designed bathroom. Finding the ideal cost for them won’t be difficult. You’ll be able to understand the required budget better in this way.

Strip the Bathroom

It’s time to remove every piece of furniture from your bathroom so you can start fresh once you know what you want to achieve. The bathrooms in the examples below not only demonstrate the initial stage of a bathroom renovation, but also a detected plumbing problem that has been giving the owners a great deal of trouble. The hired fitter would, of course, deal with this problem on the job.

Address Plumbing Issues

Water damage is a serious issue. There was once a silicone repair, but it was on the verge of failing and it wouldn’t have taken long for the leak to start up again. Thus, on the first day, the fitter completed the repair. Keep in mind that leaks don’t always appear right below. They descend to the lowest point in the space, which can make it challenging to pinpoint the precise nature of the issue.

These kinds of issues are frequently brought on by incorrect fixture installation. My Plumber offers fantastic bathroom installations with a satisfaction guarantee.

Day 2 – Materials and Suppliers

It was evident that the bathroom furniture had rotted as a result of the leak once it was removed. It was ugly, which is why renovations are in the works. The prior bathroom fitters’ subpar work was the cause of the leak. Many bathroom installers take short cuts by installing standard MDF in the shower section. This is a major error because the MDF rots if water seeps through the tiles, leading to this kind of repair problem.

My Plumber’s bathroom installers only ever utilise premium supplies, such as waterproof backing boards for the tile installation. As a result, the bathroom is now even more waterproof than before the renovation.

Now that everything has been taken apart and the wall tiles have been removed, it is necessary to acquire the appropriate materials. Be advised that the fitter will incur additional costs if there are any delays in the delivery of supplies and materials.

What impact did the client feel from the new shower room? While the renovations were underway, they were forced to use the other bathroom on the property. Given that everything is moved around and there are dust sheets all over the place, there will always be some degree of discomfort. The household took longer than usual to get ready for the day. However, all of that is typical for a project like this one in terms of renovations.

Day 3 – Measuring and light installation

On Day 3, they built the recessed shelves in the bathroom. To determine where the tile cuts will be and where things will look the best visually, the fitter took some precise measurements. That day, they installed every light fixture in the shower area as well as all of the cables for the lights. Furthermore, the toilet cistern and toilet support frame have been installed.

The location of the cistern—where the toilet will be—is now visible. The customer installed extra lights throughout the space, spending a little bit more than they had planned. Keep in mind that most changes come at a higher cost. The same holds true if something unanticipated occurs and more work needs to be done in the bathroom.

Therefore, always budget extra for extras and acknowledge that you may want to implement some great ideas while you have the opportunity. It distinguishes between having a shower room that is “great” and one that is “super-fantastic.”

The location of the recessed shelves can be seen in the image above. Additionally, there is a waterproof backboard. To accommodate more lights, they designated the wires next to the shower tray. On Day 3, expect a lot more dust. Cleaning will not be possible, so that task should wait until later in the renovation process.

Day 4 – Tiling and arising issues

The fitter began tiling today and completed installing an Aquaboard, a waterproof board base, throughout the space. Though there will only be tile on half of the wall, it’s easy to imagine how the shower room will look when it’s finished.

On Day 4, they also installed the lights in the ceiling. There are now four ceiling lights instead of two, which is a significant improvement. In the centre, above the shower tray, is one of them. We have now completed the most difficult portions of the task.

Day 5 – Underfloor heating and tiling finalization

Even though the tiles are porcelain and the cuts are challenging, the tiling is completed quickly. Prior to purchasing, always have your tiler verify the type of tiles. Make sure this is agreed upon ahead of time by asking where the cuts will be made. Nobody wants to be irritated when their work is done. The process has slowed down due to the porcelain tile selection, and some tiles have cracked in the process.

Don’t forget to purchase at least 10% more tiles than you require. If a tile ever cracks, you’ll be grateful for this because you’ll want to replace it with tiles from the same batch. The underfloor heating service should be completed on day five as well.

It was discovered that there was another problem: the wiring appeared to be inexplicably connected to the other bathroom. Before continuing with the bathroom renovation, the fitter had to have an electrician inspect the issue.

The client eventually adapted to their daily routine of using the other bathroom in the interim. While it’s understandable that the persistent dust everywhere would irritate someone, the client finds that the growing shower room justifies all the trouble and inconvenience. Not to mention that the renovation resolved a few plumbing problems in the bathroom.

Day 6 – New furniture and cleaning

On Day 6, installing the new bathroom furniture was the only thing left to do since the hardest part was over. This was the most fascinating part of the process for the client. One by one, they positioned the replacement fittings.

At last, it appeared somewhat akin to a functional shower area. As of now, there are a few more problems that we are facing. It was discovered that there were a few errors in the order made by the supplier. Rather than being a low-pressure tap, the basin tap that was provided was a high-pressure tap. The client was thus forced to select an alternative tap. The delivery of this took a week. There would also be more waiting days because a portion of the toilet was missing.

Small lights were placed around the base of the walls by us. The mirror lit up, too. The grouting was finished, and all of the tiles were installed. The customer wasted no time in clearing the remnants of the renovation, including dust and debris. The owner’s personal belongings were once again crammed into the bathroom after the dust sheets were taken down. With this, the renovation of the bathroom was complete.

Typically, there is some trash that is not appropriate for the standard garbage can. Make sure you dispose of renovation waste in accordance with UK waste regulations.

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