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Central Heating Leak Detection

Expert Central Heating and Boiler Leak Finder Services

You can get assistance from us if you have a central heating leak by using our water leak detection and repair service. We provide relief to thousands of people by operating in London and the surrounding areas.

We’re in a great position to assist you with your central heating problems as a leading leak repair company. Leaks in the central heating system are hazardous because they can result in extensive water damage to your house, including the growth of mould and moisture. Leaks should be repaired as soon as possible because it can be very expensive to fix both of these problems.

Why Is My Central Heating System Leaking?

When you discover this is occurring with your central heating system, it is normal to wonder why. Fortunately, we send a qualified heating engineer to inspect your property and identify the leak’s source. These kinds of central heating leaks are typically very serious because they point to internal issues with either your boiler or the water pipes.

Repairing a water leak on your own is never recommended, just like fixing a gas leak. Whenever possible, contact an engineer and let them handle the problem instead of trying to solve it on your own.

Although there are numerous reasons why your central heating system might be leaking, the majority of problems fall into one of three categories: boiler installation issues, boiler component problems, or central heating pipe problems. The majority of the time, if you see water leaking from the bottom of your boiler, there may be problems with the installation. After a while, water may have leaked through because the person who installed it may not have used a strong enough seal or connected the pipes correctly.

On the other hand, if you discover that your boiler is leaking water internally, this could indicate that there are problems within the boiler. A broken valve, internal corrosion, and numerous other issues could be present.

As experts in leaking boiler repairs, we can handle any problems that arise and quickly get your boiler fixed and operating correctly, regardless of the cause of the leak.

Our Central Heating Leak Finder Service

You can rely on our skilled engineers to swiftly identify the source of any central heating or boiler leaks in your house. With their extensive array of sophisticated leak detection tools, which includes thermal imaging and acoustic detection, they can find even the most well-hidden leaks.

Our leak finder service is totally non-destructive in 99 percent of cases. As we look for the leak’s source, we won’t damage walls or pull up floorboards, so you won’t have a mess to clean up afterward. All of this is an attempt to make things as simple and stress-free for you as we can.

After identifying the leak’s origin, our highly skilled staff members can offer recommendations on how to resolve it. In fact, with the least amount of fuss, they might be able to solve the issue right then and there.

You can be certain that the engineer will discuss any findings with you before taking any corrective action.

Central Heating Leak Detection in the South East

The worst thing about central heating leaks is that the water damage is frequently visible, but the source of the leak is often hidden. Many customers who have told our highly skilled engineers, “I can’t find my leak,” have had their leaks discovered to be caused by their central heating system. If your boiler appears to be in good condition and everything is dry, the leak might actually be coming from a central heating pipe.

Give us a call, and we will dispatch an engineer to assist you with leak detection. They will locate the source of the leak, identify its cause, and devise a solution. You can be sure that before they do anything, they will provide you with a quote for their services. Leaks in your central heating system must be fixed as soon as possible because they can cause serious, long-lasting damage to your property.

With years of experience, we at Ecofix know how to complete any task as quickly and carefully as possible. Your search for central heating leak detection and repair services is now over if you reside in London or any surrounding area.

Among the issues that could arise from inaction are:

  • pipes that burst in the winter
  • Walls, floors, and ceiling damage
  • Significant boiler damage
  • abnormally large water bills
  • flooding near the leak’s source

Central Heating Leaking FAQs


Finding water leaks in your central heating system can be done accurately with leak detection. With the use of cutting-edge technology, leak detection can achieve up to 90% accuracy. With this high accuracy rate, you can be sure that your home will sustain the least amount of damage and that the plumbing problem will be resolved as soon as possible.


Turn the radiator on to see if there are any leaks. Once the radiator has warmed up, water is pumped into it, and you’ll notice water droplets leaking out of it.


It’s that simple: 99% of the time, a boiler losing pressure indicates a leak. There’s probably a leak somewhere, even if it’s not visible in the boiler or heating system, unless the dial stays at 0 even after being topped up (which could indicate a malfunctioning pressure gauge).

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