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Happy Halloween

Is Halloween a Public Holiday?

Halloween is not a public holiday. Businesses have normal opening hours.

trick ir treat costumes halloween

Halloween Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2018Wed31 OctHalloweenObservance
2019Thu31 OctHalloweenObservance
2020Sat31 OctHalloweenObservance
2021Sun31 OctHalloweenObservance
2022Mon31 OctHalloweenObservance
2023Tue31 OctHalloweenObservance
2024Thu31 OctHalloweenObservance
2025Fri31 OctHalloweenObservance
2026Sat31 OctHalloweenObservance
2027Sun31 OctHalloweenObservance
2028Tue31 OctHalloweenObservance

What Do People Do?

In the UK, there are parties where attendees are frequently required to arrive dressed in costumes that correspond with the celebration’s theme. Others congregate to see horror films, either at home or in a theatre.

Some kids participate in trick-or-treating. This implies that individuals get dressed up and knock on doors while visiting other people’s homes in search of treats like candy or snacks. If you don’t distribute treats, you might be misled by a prank instead.

The origins of Halloween can be traced to paganism in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Many shops and companies use Halloween as an opportunity to market goods with a Halloween theme.

Public Life

The United Kingdom does not have a bank holiday on Halloween. Organisations like schools, businesses, and retailers are open as usual. Public transportation runs according to its regular schedule.


Halloween has its roots in pagan celebrations that took place in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland at the end of October. People used to think that at this time of year, the dead could come “alive” and mingle with the living. They believed that wearing costumes would help them stay safe from the ghosts when they went outside. The Halloween costumes worn today may have their roots in this. Halloween celebrations were forbidden during the Puritan era, but they subsequently returned.

Halloween was once known as All Hallows Eve or All Saints’ Day, which is held on November 1. Halloween is sometimes referred to as Apple and Candle Night, Nut-crack Night, and Thump-the-Door Night. Halloween is sometimes referred to as Duck Apple Night or Bob Apple Night. The term “apple bobbing” or “apple ducking” refers to a seasonal pastime that inspired this. One or more apples are floatated on the water in a bucket or other container that has been filled with water. Each participant takes a turn attempting to use their teeth to catch an apple. They must always keep their hands behind their backs.

Some individuals think that apple bobbing is a throwback to the mediaeval witchcraft trials of women. They were made to repeatedly dive into a river or pond while being tied to a chair. A woman was deemed innocent if she drowned. She was labelled a witch and executed by being burned at the stake if she lived. Others believe that young people can use apple bobbing to foretell their future spouses or determine the loyalty of their current partners.

Some elements of today’s Halloween rituals, including making vegetable lanterns, have a lengthy history. Others were introduced more recently, frequently as a way to promote a business. Many traditions have returned to the United Kingdom from the United States.


There are several symbols that are connected to Halloween. Orange and black are fairly prevalent colours. Pumpkin lanterns, witches, wizards, ghosts, spirits, and figures from horror movies are some other symbols. The celebration is associated with bats, spiders, and black cats, among other animals.

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