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How to Fix A Dripping Tap

How to Fix a Dripping Tap in 5 Quick Steps

In daily life, dripping or leaky taps can be a major problem. In addition to making a loud noise, they have the potential to leak and waste up to three gallons of water per day. You’ll eventually notice that your water costs are going up and that the things you are paying for are just becoming less. Although repairs may cost more up front, they will ultimately save you money. You can repair the dripping tap on your own if you’re handy. For those of you who want to handle this maintenance problem yourself, here is a blog post.

Types of Taps

  • Conventional Faucets: Traditional water tap types leak because of a broken washer, which needs to be changed.
  • Single-Piece Lever Taps: Leaking in a Monobloc tap is most likely the result of a cracked ceramic cartridge. Replacing is the best course of action.

How to Fix a Dripping Tap

The most typical plumbing problem in homes is dripping taps and faucets. Ignoring them will result in significant water loss and other issues down the road. Fortunately, if you have the right tools, fixing it is simple.

  • Cut off the Source of Water: Cut off the water supply from the mainline to prevent any more mess.
  • Take the knobs off. Utilising a flat-head screwdriver, extract the ornamental components from the knobs.
  • Take the stem off. The tap handle can be removed from the stem by unscrewing it and using lubricant. To extract the stem, use the spanner to loosen the packing nut. Certain tap stems pop out of the valve, while others must be twisted off, depending on the type.
  • Examine the area for Any Damage: In case of damage, swap out the component. Examine the washer and the O-ring if there isn’t. Leaks can also be caused by loose or damaged washers and O-rings; therefore, replace them with new ones. Verify that they fit perfectly.
  • Reassemble Each Component, then Run a Test: Check to see if the tap is operating properly after everything is in place.

How to Replace a Ceramic Disc Tap

Distinctive from traditional taps, ceramic disc taps are equipped with a cartridge that holds two ceramic discs. The tap may leak due to a fractured ceramic disc, in which case you will need to replace the entire cartridge.

  • Take the cartridge out, replace it with the same one from the store.
  • Turn off the water supply, carefully unscrew the handles, and take off the ornamental elements.
  • The entrance screw is frequently concealed beneath the hot or cold indicator behind a tiny grub screw that is simple to remove with a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Using an adjustable spanner, remove both the ceramic disc and the shroud. Examine for damage and replace as necessary.
  • Take the cartridges out. Recall which ones are for water, hot and cold. Replace any broken components.
  • From the tap seat, flip the washer off or twist it open. Keep an eye out for any damage and replace as needed.
  • Replace the rubber seal if it is worn out.
  • Verify that every replacement part is the right size and fits properly.
  • Take everything back apart.
  • Gently turn the knob to restore the water supply.

Kitchen Tap and Shower heads Leaking

Leaky kitchen taps are frequently the result of damaged O-rings. The O-rings, washers, and seals are part of the valve body. In the event that the leak persists even after replacing the old washer, inspect the O-rings. Never over tighten the taps when using them on a regular basis. This might easily harm the washer and the O-ring, which would lead to a leak.

Shower heads frequently leak at the connection point. Other typical locations are the body, swivel ball, armour, and space between the shower head and body. If you need to replace a tap, choose chromium-plated brass taps.

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