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Leaks Kettling and Water Hammer Problems

We’ve highlighted three issues with heaters that you should be aware of if you own a boiler. Some heater problems are worse than others. A few minor issues like leaks, kettling, and water hammer problems can seriously sap your festive mood.

However, you can call our team to schedule boiler repair in London and avoid heater issues if you see any of the symptoms listed below. Learn more about some typical boiler issues in the following paragraphs, along with the reasons you should act quickly if you see any warning indications.

Boiler Leaks

Given that a boiler is a water appliance, you might not think a leak is a big deal. Isn’t it inevitable that a leak will occur occasionally? If a leak is small, you might be tempted to ignore it or even attempt to fix it yourself. However, for best performance, your boiler must be airtight and requires expert maintenance. Air entering your boiler can affect pressure levels, cause corrosion, and even alter the way water flows.

Furthermore, a leak costs you money. Your water bill will go up if you have to replace the water that is leaking out of your boiler. Should a leak become serious enough to cause damage to a portion of your house, you might have to pay for renovations to replace or fix the walls and floors in the vicinity of your boiler.

Boiler Kettling

Your boiler may make a sound called kettling, which is akin to the sound of tea in a kettle. Depending on how loud it gets, the sound is like a tapping, rattling, or even knocking sound. Hard water’s mineral buildup is the cause of kettling. A hard water source in your house indicates that the mineral content is higher than usual.

Even though these minerals might not be visible when you pour water, they can accumulate over time and cause problems for your boiler and other plumbing systems. The kettling sound is produced when these minerals are stirred up by the heating elements as they warm up to heat the water. Even though you might not find the sound to be too bothersome, you still shouldn’t ignore it.

These minerals can lead to internal boiler corrosion, which accelerates the ageing process and causes rust. Furthermore, kettling is very easy to address. For a clean slate, our team simply needs to flush out your boiler once a year to get rid of the mineral buildup.

Boiler Water Hammer

Because it produces such a loud noise, the sudden change in direction of the water in your boiler is known as a “water hammer.” There are several causes of water hammer. It’s possible that your boiler overfired, that your pipes are loose, or that there isn’t enough space for steam condensate. Basically, you need to make an appointment for our team to inspect your boiler and determine the cause of the problem. Water hammer requires immediate attention because it significantly strains your boiler.

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