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Top 10 Boilers Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Boiler Maintenance Tips For Every Homeowner

Given that your boiler system is among your most costly purchases, it makes sense that you would want to put off upgrading it as long as you can. Long-term health and efficiency of your unit depend on routine maintenance. Remember that you and your family are at risk from a malfunctioning boilers.

Boiler Maintenance Tips

These are our top ten intelligent boilers maintenance suggestions that will help you avoid future problems and save money.

1. Annual Boiler Service

The simplest and most effective approach to extend the life of your boilers, guard against damage, and ensure optimal operation is to have it serviced annually. The warranty from the manufacturer is valid only with professional servicing. It is completed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer, who verifies that every part functions as it should.

The expert looks for minor problems as soon as possible to prevent them from developing into more serious and expensive ones down the road. Make an appointment for a Gas Safe Registered engineer to inspect your boiler system right away.

2. Repressurise Your System

Once the boiler is operating, make sure the pressure gauge reads within the recommended ranges provided by the manufacturer. Periodically repressurize your boilers to ensure that it heats your house uniformly and produces enough water when needed. Take care when working to prevent damage and expensive boiler repairs.

3. Bleed Your Radiators

Have you observed that the top of your radiators is chilly while the bottom is warm? It indicates that air is trapped inside, which lowers their effectiveness. To fix the problem, take these easy steps:

  • Cover the carpet with plastic to keep stains from forming.
  • Position an old towel underneath the bleed valve to catch any drips, then insert the key and turn the valve anticlockwise.
  • There is a hissing sound as the air exits the radiator under pressure.
  • The hissing must stop once all of the air has been released, and some water stars should emerge. Blot the water droplets with the cloth.
  • To close the valve, turn the radiator key in a clockwise direction.

Right now, your radiator ought to be warm all the way up. After bleeding your radiators, don’t forget to check the boilers pressure as the process may lower it.

Check the thermostatic radiator valve—the one with the temperature control numbers on it—if the radiator is still not getting hot, even after bleeding. The pin frequently becomes stuck, preventing water from entering the radiator. Take off the thermostatic valve’s cap and loosen the pin by moving it up and down with an adjustable wrench to let water flow.

Knowing how to bleed your radiators can be difficult. Not to mention that doing the work yourself may result in a significant drop in boiler pressure and further problems down the line. You may quickly and safely bleed your units with the professional assistance of Ecofix radiator repair specialists, saving you the trouble.

4. Check the Ventilation

To provide enough ventilation for your boiler, keep all objects and clutter away from it. Since your boiler naturally becomes warm while operating, it must be allowed to breathe in order to function safely.

Additionally, if it is kept in an airing cupboard or box, ensure sure it has an access panel for easy maintenance.

5. Balance the Radiators

Achieving a uniform distribution of warm water to every radiator requires balancing their valves. The radiators that are farthest away from the boiler often have lower temperatures.

It is more difficult than bleeding the radiators, but the benefits of helping the system heat the house more evenly make it worthwhile. It could be a good idea to get assistance from a Gas Safe (Corgi) registered gas engineer for larger houses.

6. Lag Your Pipes

Your pipes could freeze over in the winter, which would render your heating ineffective. Worse still, it results in a boiler malfunction. Lagging them is the most effective technique to stop this.

One kind of insulation used on pipes is called lagging. Any handyman store will sell ready-to-use lagging for a very affordable price. Moreover, installing it is simple because all you need to do is wrap the pipes. You’ll avoid a lot of trouble later on if you do this.

7. Check if the Flue is Accessible

Government requirements state that the boiler flue ought to be freely accessible. This is critical because carbon monoxide leaks might occur from loose joints or fractures. However, a Gas Safe expert can install flue access panels for you if your flue is located in the ceiling.

8. Check the Flame

If your boiler’s flame is yellow or orange, you should contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer right once. This indicates that the fuel isn’t being burned by the boiler entirely, which could indicate a carbon monoxide leak. Normally, the flame should be blue.

Proceed in the same manner if the pilot light goes out and the boiler does not ignite; internal components or the gas supply may be malfunctioning.

9. Inspect for Leaks and Drips

Make sure you routinely inspect the area around the boiler and the pipes for any leaks or drips of water. Corroded pipes are the first indication that your boiler may need to be replaced because they are prone to leaking.

Additionally, if the pressure is too high, your boiler may leak, so keep an eye on the pressure gauge as well. In any case, except from hiring a professional, there isn’t much you can do on your own to cure a leak or drip.

10. Call a Heating Engineer

It is dangerous, thus we do not advise you to try any work on your gas boiler. Explosions, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning can result from improper handling of gas pipes and appliances.

The only person to call when you need boiler repair or servicing is a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Your heating systems and boiler may only be serviced by licenced tradespeople. For your own peace of mind, you should always verify the engineer’s Gas Safe ID when they visit your premises.

How Can We Help With Your Boilers Maintenance?

For any of your needs relating to gas appliances, heating and boilers, Ecofixis happy to assist. You can be sure that there are expert boiler services for any of your problems, whether you need to schedule a boiler service, installation, or perhaps you just need your radiators bled. A 12-month labour guarantee is included with the service to assure your comfort and safety. Getting your gas boiler serviced annually will extend the life of your appliance, guard against damage and ensure smooth operation (slight revisions made).

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